Seal-tight Sport Cast Prot. Pediatric Leg 28

Seal-tight Sport Cast Prot. Pediatric Leg 28




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Pediatric Leg 28 Long Seal-tight Sport Is A Safe Economical Protector For Casts And Bandages During Recreational Water Activities Or Daily Showering And Bathing Easy Application Eliminates The Need For Pumps Hook & Loop Closures And Adhesive Tapes That May Irritate Skin Made Of Tpe A High Performance Thermoplastic Elastomer That Stretches Easily Seal-tight Sport Maintains A Waterproof Seal Reusable And Folds Compactly Lasts The Life Of The Cast Use For Swimming Water Sports Whirlpools Hot Tubs Showering Or Bathing To Protect Casts And Bandages Latex-free