Salk Haloshield Underpads 36 X 70

Salk Haloshield Underpads 36 X 70




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Antimicrobial Protection That Eliminates Odor Embarrassment And Hassle The Germ And Odor-killing Power Of The Reusable Underpad Is Renewed With Every Wash In Chlorine Bleach Eliminates The Unpleasant Embarrassing Urine Odors That Result From Incontinence Kills 99.9% Of Odor-causing Bacteria Within 10 Minutes Of Contact With The Haloshield Underpad Ultrasoft Moisture-wicking Top Layer Keeps Users Dry Super Absorbent Inner Layer Quickly Traps Fluids 100% Waterproof Protection For Bedding And Chairs Reliable And Effective Non-irritating For Sensitive Skin More Economical And Better For The Environment Than Disposables