Safetysure Movease Underpads W/handles 34 X 36

Safetysure Movease Underpads W/handles 34 X 36




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The Ideal Product For Individuals That Need To Be Repositioned And Have Incontinence Issues Covers The Sleeping Area Of The Mattress Made Of A Three-ply Washable Fabric The Top Layer Of The Underpad Is A Soft Quilted Material That Wicks Moisture Away For Increased Patient Comfort The Inner Soaker Layer Absorbs Up To Double Its Weight In Liquids The Bottom Layer Is 100% Waterproof To Protect Bed Linens And The Mattress Can Also Be Placed On A Wheelchair Arm Chair Or Sofa Nylon Handles Assist The Caregiver In Turning Boosting And Repositioning not Retail Packed (wrapped In Plastic With A Detailed Sheet)