Sad Day-light Classic Plus Lamp

Sad Day-light Classic Plus Lamp




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The Day-light Classic Plus Is A Clinical Bright Light Therapy Lamp That Meets All Expert Requirements For Therapeutic Use Bright Light Therapy Is The 1st Recommended Line Of Treatment For The Winter Blues 10 000 Lux At 12-14 99.3% Uv Blocked Color Temp: 4000k / Cri: 85 Meet All Expert Guidelines For Clinical Bright Light Therapy Slightly Larger Enclosure - Increased Field Of Illumination Than The #19079 Improved Ventilation - Better Heat Dissipation Four Easy-access Screws Vs 9 To Remove Lens For Quick Bulb Changes Power Button On The Side - Clean Unobstructed Profile Easier To Adjust Angle/height & Features Four Height Settings Vs Three - Improved Flexibility For Users Attached Single Pedestal Stand Vs Two Indindependent Legs - Better Stability & Greater Ease-of-use Use Same Key Components: Ballast Lens Material & Bulbs Two Modes - Therapy (3 Bulbs) Or Task (2 Bulbs) 5 Year Warranty