Multi Use Flex-e-core Boot Pediatric Leeder - Leeder

Multi Use Flex-e-core Boot Pediatric Leeder - Leeder




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Tags: Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint



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Pediatric Our Multi Use Boot With Flex-e-core Technology Is Easily Adjustable Has The Softest Interface Available And Offers Dorsiflexion Straps For Precise Adjustment Multi Use Boot Adustable Ankle Contracture Boot (afo) For Positioning Pressure Reduction Foot Drop & Ambulation Custom Fits Returns Rom To Neutral L-4396; Foot Brace Ankle Splints Adjust To 30 Degrees Planatarflex To 30 Degrees Dorsiflex Rar Required Adjustment Range That Flex-e-core Technology Provides Flex-e-core Ferro-plastic Composite Allows Custom Fitting Without Tools Or Heat; Unlimited Adjustment Easy Don / Off; All Parts Soft And Covered Soft Interface Washable Simple To Adjust For Any Condition Bottom Sole Covered For Easy Transfers Hcpcs Suggested Code: L4396