Male Bed Wetting Alarm

Male Bed Wetting Alarm




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Male Alarm With Pads Compact Moisture-sensitive Training Device For Bedwetters Small Plastic Alarm Box Attaches To Shoulder Area Of The Bedwetters Pajama Or T-shirt With Velcro Attachment Close To The Ear Nonabsorbent Anatomically Designed Sensor Pad Is Worn Over The Genitals And Held In Place With A Pair Of Snug Fitting Shorts Or Panties Plastic Box Contains Miniaturized Electronic Alarm And A 9v Battery Alarm Box Generates A Highly Alerting Warbling Sound Assuring Quicker Response To The Alarm By The Bedwetter Alarm Box Has Built-in Dual-volume Control Switch For High Tone Or Low Tone. Only Alarm Available With Volume Control Switch Unique Moisture-sensing Pad Is Activated By Only 1 Or 2 Drops Of Urine. Quickest Response Among All Bedwetting Alarms Available Comes With 2 Long-lasting Reusable Moisture Sensing Pads Shipping Carton Size: 12 L X 10 W X 6 H