Madacide -1 32 Oz. Spray Disinfectant/cleaner

Madacide -1 32 Oz. Spray Disinfectant/cleaner




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32 Oz. Spray Bottle Each Alcohol-free Disinfectant/cleaner Another Effective Product In The Fight For Infection Control By Mada Without The Need For Alcohol Broad Spectrum Activity (contact Time Of 10 Minutes On Inanimate Surfaces Kills Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (bcg) Canine Parvovirus Poliovirus 1 Hiv-1 (aids) Plus Kills Fungicidal Pseudomonacidal Virucidal Bactericidal Tuberculocidal Stability - 12 Months After Opening With Bottle Cap Replaced After Each Use Madacide-1 Is A Non-volatile Solution And Will Not Air Dry Users Must Wipe All Surfaces Dry After 10 Minute Wet Exposure Time Or Reactions With Plastic Surfaces And Plastic Products May Occur