Jobst Anti-em Thigh-hi Xx-large Long Bx/6

Jobst Anti-em Thigh-hi Xx-large Long Bx/6




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Latex Free Jobst Anti-embolism/gp Stockings Provide A Convenient Inspection Window At The Top Of The Foot So That The Exposed Skin Does Not Touch The Floor the Jobst Gradient Compression Seamless Anti-embolism Elastic Knee Length Stocking Is Specifically Designed To Combat Thromboembolism the Jobst Anti-embolism/gp Stocking Applies A Gradient Compression Greatest At The Ankle And Gradually Decreasing To The Thigh Without Tourniqueting Or Impeding The Venous Return for Fit Measure Calf At Largest Circumference; Measure Leg From Bottom Of Heel To Bend Of Knee size: Anti-em/gp Thigh High Xxl Long Length 6 Pairs Per Box