Goniometer 12 Absolute+axis

Goniometer 12 Absolute+axis




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12 Absolute + Axis 1 Each The Absolute+axis (aa) Goniometer Removes The Assume And Eyeball By Establishing A True Vertical Or Horizontal The Absolute+axis (aa) Goniometer Removes Measurement Variability And Allows The Practitioner To Concentrate On Correct Placement Of The Other Goniometer Arm And The Patients Body Position The Integral Absolute Vertical And Horizontal Levels Are Permanently Incorporated Into Both The Aa Baseline (2-color) 12 Inch And Baseline Some Measurements The Aa Goniometer Is Designed To Improve Are: Shoulder And Hip Rotation (internal External) Cervical Flexion Extension Rotation And Side Bending; Hamstring Flexibility; And Active Rom