Aircast Cryo/cuff System-large Knee & Cooler

Aircast Cryo/cuff System-large Knee & Cooler




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Large Knee Cryo/cuff And Cooler Indication :trauma Post-op Treatment & Rehabilitation The Knee Cryo/cuff Combines The Therapeutic Benefits Of Controlled Compression To Minimize Hemarthrosis Edema Hematoma Swelling And Pain The Cuff Is Anatomically Designed To Completely Fit The Knee Providing Maximum Cryotherapy The Simplicity To Use Makes It Ideal For Er Post-op Training Room And Home Use Insulated Jug Holds Up To 4 Liters Of Ice And Water - Enough For 8 Hours Of Therapy 20-31 Knee Circumference 6 Above Patella Measured Compression For Patient Comfort Controlled Cold Eliminates The Risk Of Tissue Damage Detachable Cooler Allows For Uninterrupted Treatment